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Make Him Fall in Love – Play Your Cards Right

Will sex make a man fall in love with you? If you become intimate with a guy, is that all you need to do to win his heart? Is physical satisfaction the secret to true love? If you believe that any of these suggestions can make a man fall in love, you really need to continue reading.

When you meet a guy, sex will be quite a strong motivation for him. Lust is his initial emotion and it is quite a potent factor in his desire for you. It comes to him easy because it is a natural instinct and he doesn’t have to work to make it happen. Lust is there, it drives him, and it will make him chase you.

But, does this mean that he loves you? Unfortunately, this is a loud, resounding no! Making a man fall in love is all about building a connection much deeper than a physical, sexual one. Winning his heart and soul comes down to making an emotional connection with him; it comes down to touching his feelings.

This takes more work and it takes much longer to develop. Yet, this is the only way to provide a strong enough foundation upon which a deep, loving, lasting relationship can be built. Sex gets in the way of this; sex stalls this development. If you want true love, wait to have sex.

You see, sex can be all-consuming and can draw your focus away from making that emotional connection. It is an important component of any good relationship, but if it is introduced too soon, it can keep the other components from forming. It can even keep a good relationship from ever getting off the ground.

If you truly care for a guy and you are hoping for a long-term relationship, wait for a while before you begin having sex. Make that emotional connection first if you want to make him fall in love, and then enhance it with a physical connection once it has been established. Your enjoyment will increase dramatically.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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