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Prepare for Spring With Reformation’s Sample Sale

Reformation, the cool girl favorite, is hosting an enormous sample sale starting this Thursday, so prepare your credit card company accordingly. Sure, spring isn’t even vaguely in the air, but perhaps if you purchase enough bodysuits and sundresses it will seem nearby. Plus, they’re promising 80 percent off.

The super sustainable brand will have all the looks you considered buying when it was still slightly warm outside, including that off-the-shoulder bodysuit that everyone in the Lower East Side is always wearing on a Saturday night. They will also have wedding season ensembles and smock dresses in pastels, including plenty of Tumblr pink, because they certainly know their audience. Dresses start at $60, knit tops at $30 and pants, skirts and denim will start at $40.

Stop by 39 Bond Street from Thursday until Sunday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. to purchase your own barely there florals. Just be prepared for lines of people with Ref totes already on their shoulders, ready to add even more smock dresses and plunging necklines to their collection.

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